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BAG6 prevents the aggregation of neurodegeneration-associated fragments of TDP43.


iScience (2022)

Yasar Arfat T. Kasu, Akshaya Arva, Jess Johnson, Christin Sajan, Jasmin Manzano, Andrew Hennes, Jacy Haynes, and Christopher S. Brower.

The Ligand of Ate1 is intrinsically disordered and participates in nucleolar phase separation regulated by Jumonji Domain Containing 6

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2021)

Akshaya Arva, Yasar Arfat T Kasu, Jennifer Duncan, Mosleh A Alkhatatbeh, Christopher S Brower.

Texas Journal of Microscopy (2020)
Yasar Arfat T. Kasu, Rinki Dasgupta, Christopher S Brower

Aging (2019)
Olga I Kechko, Irina Yu Petrushanko, Christopher S Brower, Alexei A Adzhubei, Alexey A Moskalev

Molecular and Cellular Biology (2018)
Yasar AT Kasu, Samrawit Alemu, Angela Lamari, Nicole Loew, Christopher S Brower

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